About Faunce, Singer and Oatman

The California firm of Faunce, Singer, & Oatman was established in 1971, specializing in public employee labor law. Over the years the firm’s emphasis has evolved to focus on public employee disability retirement and employment discrimination law. Our employment and disability lawyers have successfully represented thousands of private and public California State, County, City, School, and District employees in their employment  and disability claims or disputes.

Serving Public and Private Workers Throughout California

Although our offices are located in Southern California and we serve hundreds of clients there, we handle cases throughout the state. Why? Because the two principle pension systems involved are statewide systems. Those two pensions systems are the County Employees Retirement Law (CERL, covering 20 California counties) and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS, covering all State employment, non-teacher school employees, and employees in over 2,000 local government agencies including most counties, cities and special districts). We represent all CalPERS personnel, including sworn employees (safety workers) and non-sworn employees (clerical, labor and “miscellaneous” staff.)

Our scope of representation covers the entire range of services for the public employee with a disability claim.  We handle applications, administrative hearings, superior court proceedings, and appellate court review. Over the years, we have participated in numerous Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases that have helped to shape the field of California labor law.

For more about us, visit our main web site at http://www.public-pensions.com/disability_lawyer.htm

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